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Deseret Book: Digital Subscription Services


  • Client: Deseret Book

  • Role: Graphic Designer

  • Software Used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects

Deseret Book is a national bookstore chain focused on a Christian audience. Recently they launched two digital subscription services: Bookshelf Plus and Deseret Video.

Bookshelf +

Bookshelf+ is a subscription service which provides unlimited access to over 4,000 books and audiobooks in the Deseret Book digital catalog. Below, are emails created to encourage customers enrolled in emails to Deseret Book to sign up for a subscription. Email copy was provided.. Look and feel by me.

Deseret Video

Deseret Video is a digital subscription service which offers unlimited streaming to Deseret Book's extensive back catalog of movies and TV shows. Below are ads I created to announce the launch of the platform.

Full-Page Catalog Ad

Half-Page Catalog Ad

Digital Ads

In-Store Video Display

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